The decision to outsource your medical billing is very difficult. Modern billing services are equipped to send out and post claims, but working rejections, and understanding how to maximize revenue for the work you do are concepts that have eluded most billing companies even today.

In our current medical environment, having a company that not only can help to increase revenue, but can help with the marketing, development, and strategic planning is crucial to success going forward.


As our client, here’s what we can promise you:
  • We offer a complete package of software, all internet based. If you have access to the internet, you have access to your software and all the information.
  • We offer a staff that has over 25 years’ experience in medical billing and collection management.
  • We offer an 800 number to call with any questions, problems, or issues.
  • We offer onsite training and setup, with consulting services not available from any other company.
  • We keep your software up to date, and will guarantee that you will be compliant with the federal government’s requirements for Meaningful Use
  • We will never charge you upgrade fees
  • We will guarantee our fee for 3 years
  • We will search for lost revenue streams and work to maximize your collections