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Does it make financial sense to oursource our billing?

For many practices, the outsourcing decision boils down to one factor: cost.To help compare the costs of in-house billing versus outsourced billing, we’ve created a
hypothetical, three-physician practice.


Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management

The WeTreatFeet Group has a complete billing and revenue cycle management and EHR system in one.

Our Team

Billing Outsourcing

Should You Outsource Your Billing?
Besides costs, there are other factors that would spur a provider to consider outsourcing their billing.


We Treat Feet Group – Podiatry Billing, Direct Billing, Medical Electronic Billing

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The We Treat Feet Group is composed of successful Physicians, Managers, Billing Specialists, Marketers, and EMR/EHR Developers/programmers, offering the latest in practice management services.

Utilize these services to set up a new practice, or to revolutionize an existing practice, we provide the start to enjoying what you worked for, a successful Practice. We take care of the business aspect, run by professionals, who will reduce costs, increase collections, handle paperwork, perform accounting services, and show you how to succeed in the changing world of practice.


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